Use VITA site computer, Internet connection, and printer to enter your tax information into an online tax preparation program, and then electronically file and print your federal and state tax returns.

IRS certified volunteers will be on hand to assist you with the tax program and answer questions that do not involve tax counseling or advice.

Am I eligible?

Married couples or singles – with or without children – with incomes below $60,000 are eligible for free online tax filing.

Is this service right for me?

If you have an e-mail address, and you regularly use the Internet for such things as Facebook or online shopping, you should consider using this free online tax filing service.

If you have thought about filing your own taxes but never did because you thought it would be nice to have someone available answer your questions, this option might be worth trying.

You will have all the convenience of a walk-in service (no appointment required,) and the added security of having a qualified tax preparer on hand if you have questions.

The online tax preparation program has been used and trusted for many years by tens of thousands of taxpayers, and is proven to be easy and reliable.

The online self-filing tax program is recommended for individuals who have earned income – W-2 or 1099 – to report. Nearly all other types of income – except foreign income – can also be reported using the online program. This includes business (Schedule C) and farm income. Individuals who are not required to file a federal or state tax return, but are filing for the State of Michigan Home Heating Credit or Homestead Property Tax Credit should NOT use self-service and should call to schedule an appointment for full-service assistance.

Who is providing this service and why?

The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program is a community partnership between the IRS and local nonprofit organizations led by Goodwill Industries of West Michigan. VITA coalition partners work year round to plan and organize free tax preparation services, recruit and train volunteers, and conduct outreach activities and events to increase awareness of tax credits and free tax preparation services available to hardworking families. The coalition partners are committed to tax credit outreach and free tax preparation services because both help to raise incomes for local families and increase financial stability. In addition, free tax preparation programs help to increase the amount of refund dollars returned to area communities and help to increase local economic activity.

The volunteers who complete and electronically file tax returns at the VITA sites are required to complete a series of online and classroom training sessions developed by the IRS and local tax experts. The volunteers must also obtain IRS certification as qualified volunteer tax preparers by passing a series of tests. Along with requiring detailed knowledge of tax law, filing statuses, and deductions and exemptions, the volunteers must also pass tests covering privacy rules and ethics. At each site, experienced volunteers who have passed additional certifications in quality review and site coordination oversee the work of the volunteer tax preparers and review and check each return before it is electronically filed. These volunteers commit hours of service because they want to help their communities by ensuring hardworking individuals can claim and keep all of the tax credits they have earned.

What do I have to do?

Contact CALL 2-1-1 or go to our Sites & Services page to find a VITA site near you that offers self-service assisted online tax filing, and pick a day and time that is most convenient for you – no appointment required!

Collect the Social Security numbers for everyone who will be included on the tax return, and gather all your tax documents and information you may need for any credits or deductions.

If you filed a return last year, bring a copy of the return with you. If you used a PIN (Personal Identification Number) to electronically file last year’s return, you should also have that with you. Either the Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) reported on last year’s tax return or the PIN is needed for the online tax program. If you do not have either of these, a volunteer will be able to assist you in getting the information you need to start a return.